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A portrait to be proud of

Add personality to your on-line presence, or a touch of professionalism to your CV
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Social media

Create the right impression on your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profile. A great portrait gets you off to a flying start

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Let your vistors see the face behind the website and give your on-line presence some real personality

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Conferences & meetings

When you’re asked to send a head shot to a conference, make it a good one, not a repurposed holiday snap

How it works

Book into one of our open studio days for professional results and great value
A superb head shot photo from just £69

There are some things in life that it's not worth skimping on – and your profile photo is one of them. From social media profiles and company websites to press releases and grant proposals, a simple headshot is something that needs to be done properly.

These kinds of portraits should be simple, engaging and uncluttered. They should let personality shine through, and create a good impression right from the start.

For many freelancers, consultants or start-up businesses hiring a professional photographer for a day is costly. But our regular drop-in open studios offer an alternative: in a single 20 minute appointment at our well-equipped photographic studio we'll create a range or head shots for you, and get great-looking processed image files to you within 24 hours. For just £79 you can simply turn up on the day and wait for a slot. Or why not book ahead for a £10 early bird discount?

  • times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn

  • times more likely that your Twitter profile will gain followers

  • percent of people said they trust a profile with a picture


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